Community Project - Spawn

Author: DaDavinci

Showcasing the Development of spawn and its projects.

What are we planning on doing with spawn?

Spawn will be a community effort, but you're not going to if you don't want to help out spawn.
Right now theres a shop at /spawn where you can sell off your goods to the gods. This shop is important as it will be the only source of income until we add onto that.

We're currently planning on creating a railway system to all 4 directions, where players can create cut-off's that lead to their own bases.
Bases that are already connected to the rail road:

 - Minimumspace's Ultra Big Pyramid
 - Spawn (Build by DaDavinci and the community).

Hope to hear some suggestions on what we should add to the railway station or spawn.

- Staff Team - DaDavinci


I'd love to help out on the spawn in any way.

Link to my work. (Recent project)

I did also a cave, landscape, etc on this project.

By: Tonco

You could help me build some houses and stuff at spawn, I just want it to be a little town.

By: DaDavinci