Bug Report - 6/30/17

Author: Tonco


Bug #1: The Tree Feller Ability: When using the ability with a stone or wood axe It works just as it should. Yet When using the ability with a diamond axe the wear on the tool doesn't go down at all. To make the wear of the tool go down while using the ability you must chop leaves too. If this bug isn't fixed it may be exploited by new members.

Screenshots of proof:

First:  http://imgur.com/Ogpaw9k

Second: http://imgur.com/KvknYYz

Bug #2: /rankup doesn't work, the config file may be corrupt or owner or developer needs to set up /rankup file. this can be done in the FTP Files. 


That's all, thanks for viewing.









Bug #2: 


The first bug may be caused by the veinminer plugin,

However the second is broken for you because you have the beta rank, this rank is not on the ladder for rankup :)

By: DaDavinci

Potatoes, carrots and wheat currently do not give mcmmo exp when harvested.

By: gzZackoHD