Tweaks & updates: 06-07-2017

Author: DaDavinci

This week i've updated some stuff the community wanted me to add/fix or update so here is the list:

 - Fixed kit gear names not showing correctly.
 - Tweaked VIP kits being redeemable every 20 hours to 72 hours (3 Days).
 - Added the "redstoner" kit.
 - Added the "super-builder" kit for VIP's.
 - Added multiple homes for VIP's
 - Added a few warps for the community, check /warps for a list of where to go to.
 - Tweaked the Veinminer ability, You'll unlock every tool according to the profession you're in and VIP's now have access to the full Veinminer ability.

Hope you enjoy this update! Let me hear some feedback in the comments.

With kindest regards, The Oevercraft Staff Team!