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Tweaks & updates: 06-07-2017:

This week i've updated some stuff the community wanted me to add/fix or update so here is the list:

 - Fixed kit gear names not showing correctly.
 - Tweaked VIP kits being redeemable every 20 hours to 72 hours (3 Days).
 - Added the "redstoner" kit.
 - Added the "super-builder" kit for VIP's.
 - Added multiple homes for VIP's
 - Added a few warps for the community, check /warps for a list of where to go to.
 - Tweaked the Veinminer ability, You'll unlock every tool according to the profession you're in and VIP's now have access to the full Veinminer ability.

Hope you enjoy this update! Let me hear some feedback in the comments.

With kindest regards, The Oevercraft Staff Team!

Author: DaDavinci

We're Officially Open!:


Welcome to the Oevercraft Survival Economy Server!
Throughout the years we’ve been a small and whitelisted server that hosted all kind of little servers like modded survival, Minigames, Factions etc etc..

We’ve had a rough few weeks setting up a server for a big community so we’ve had beta testers trying all kinds of tricks on the server. But today we bring you our BIG release of our public server so let me tell you some more about it


We try to create the most vanilla as possible game mode and therefor we need the community to work with us. We don’t want people rage-quitting because someone else keeps killing them at their own base. However we like some PvP from time to time. That’s why we have had a open-beta. We go by gentleman-rules within our community to create the most fun playtime you could have on a vanilla server


Since we want to keep it as vanilla as possible there’s no big plugins like minigames or factions in our server but we try to use plugins as a way to moderate and minimize the threat of people getting mad. We work with griefprevention for example to make it easier to keep your builds as pretty as they should be. And for some fun player experience we added these plugins:

  • Backpacks - Use /backpack in-game

  • SilkSpawners - To create great mob/exp farms

  • Rankup - To make a set of professions open for non-ranked players

  • AuctionHouse - To make sure there’s a healthy economy for the players

  • McMMo - To have something to grind for while playing


Because we are officially releasing today you get a special gift-code you can enter on our website to receive 50K in-game cash.
The code is “GRANDOPENING”


For youtubers we have a special kind of way to give back what you;ve done for us by making videos about our server. You can now claim points for every view you get on your videos. And those points can be used to buy a youtuber rank , McMMo Levels or in-game Cash.


We’d love to see you soon on our server: or!

Author: DaDavinci


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